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2018 Rules and Regulations

There have been several changes to the 2017 King of the Wing National Sprint Car Series Rules and Regulations.

Please make sure that every rule is read.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Chuck Handley at


 Printable 2018 rulebook



These rules and/or regulations are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  NO expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The King of the Wing National Sprint Car Series will hereafter be referred to as KOTW.

(2018 Changes are highlighted in yellow)


1.      Car Restrictions

2.      Car Specifications

3.      Safety and Driver Restrictions

4.      Program Procedures

5.      Race Procedures and Rules Applications

6.      Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs

7.      Rookie Program

8.      Miscellaneous

9.      Points System


Section 1: Car Restrictions

1.      Muffler

a.       Mufflers must match each tracks decibel rules.  This is up to track discretion.


2.      Weight

a.       Cars with 410 cubic inch motors must weigh at least 1,600 pounds with the driver at all times.  Cars with 360 cubic inch motors must weigh at least 1,550 pounds with the driver at all times.

·   Added weight must be bolted to and within the confines of the frame rails.  Added weight must be securely fastened.

·   Cars will be weighed at the post race inspection, immediately following the feature event.  Crew will remain clear of their cars until the inspection has been completed by the KOTW inspection team.

·   KOTW scales will be used unless otherwise specified by the race director.

·   The top three finishers will be weighed and additional cars could be randomly checked after the feature race.

b.      Penalties

·   The penalty for not making weight includes:

·         Loss of all points earned the night of the infraction

·         Loss of all monies earned the night of the infraction

·   Penalty for interfering with the inspection process includes:

·         If the infraction is a crew member interfering or getting too close to the inspection crew, a $250.00 fine will be imposed upon the team the crew member represents and will be deducted at event payout.

·         If the infraction involves a crew member making physical contact with the car before the inspection process has been completed, the car becomes subject to immediate disqualification, at the discretion of the KOTW Race Director.

·         Failure to report directly to the scales will result in a $250.00 fine for the first infraction.  A second infraction will result in disqualification for that race event.


3.      Engines

a.       Steel and aluminum blocks are allowed.

·   Overhead cam engines are prohibited.

b.      Engine size is limited to a maximum of 410 CID.  A 410 CID engine is required to run a 1 7/8” ID minimum by 2” in depth restrictor. 360 CID (366 CID Max) engines with 230  +/- 20  valve angles can run any size injector. 360 CID engines with heads under 230  +/- 20  valve angles must run a 2.100”  by 2” depth restrictor.

c.       Engines must be mounted in line with the driver.  The driveline must pass beneath the driver on center, through the driver compartment.  Offset engines and/or offsetting the position of the engine cannot be more than ½ inch offset with a 1 degree variance.

d.      Standard Vertex style magnetos with internal or external coils, as well as MSD ignition is allowed in 2015.  * KOTW reserves the right to randomly exchange owner MSD central ignition boxes for KOTW owned boxes.  Competitor’s ignition must be compatible with MSD #8106 box.  KOTW officials reserve the right to send owner boxes into the manufacturer for inspection, after inspection boxes will be returned to owners.  NO SPECIAL BUILT MAGNETOS ARE ALLOWED.  All engine electronics must be mounted in the engine compartment. No engine electronics may be mounted in the driver’s compartment except for the tachometer.

e.       Standard Vertex style magnetos with internal or external coils, as well as MSD ignition is allowed in 2015.  * KOTW reserves the right to randomly exchange owner MSD central ignition boxes for KOTW owned boxes.  Competitor’s ignition must be compatible with MSD #8106 box.  KOTW officials reserve the right to send owner boxes into the manufacturer for inspection, after inspection boxes will be returned to owners.  NO SPECIAL BUILT MAGNETOS ARE ALLOWED.  All engine electronics must be mounted in the engine compartment. No engine electronics may be mounted in the driver’s compartment except for the tachometer.

f.        Electronics that provide traction control are prohibited.  All electronic and ignition components may be inspected, sealed or confiscated by KOTW at any time.  The penalty for utilizing traction control is a one year suspension and loss of all points earned for the season.

g.      The use of electronic logic processors to control any function of the race car, and/or system for continuous gathering of data from any function of the race car, with the exception of a tachometer, is strictly prohibited.

h.      A throttle kill switch is highly recommended for the car and driver’s safety.

i.        Penalties for an oversize engine or refusing inspection include:

·   Loss of all points for the season

·   A fine equal to the amount of all earning for the event. Fines MUST be paid before competing in another KOTW event.

j.        The top three finishers, or the top two finishers and one random race car, may be pumped.  Cars can be pumped before the races, by appointment.  Once a car is pumped, they are to be sealed and tagged.  Two intake manifold bolts must be drilled to allow for the engine to be sealed by the KOTW official.

k.      Protests

·   A protest fee of $500.00 must be submitted to a KOTW official before the inspection.

·   The fee will be returned if the engine is found to be illegal.

·   The protestor must be present at the time of the inspection.


4.      Drivelines

a.       All drive shafts must be completely surrounded (360 degrees) by proper tubing.

b.      A metal torque tube hoop is mandatory; it cannot be altered in any way.

c.       Maximum 1 u-joint must be located at the front of the driveline closest to the engine.

d.      A driveline safety strap type device (to ensure torque tube stays in place in case of breakage) is recommended.  NO titanium or carbon fiber torque tubes or drive shafts will be allowed.

e.       Torque tube must bolt directly to the rear end with no moving or adjustable devices between them.

f.        Rear axle must be square with motor plate.

g.      Steel brake rotors are MANDATORY.  NO carbon fiber or stainless steel rotors are allowed.



5.      Fuel

a.       Alcohol only

b.      Fuel additives of any kind are PROHIBITED

c.       Fuel to be tested at random by the KOTW officials.

d.      Penalties for use of illegal fuel or refusing inspection

·   Loss of all points for the event

·   Loss of all earnings for the event

·   $500.00 fine must be paid before competing in another KOTW event


6.      Aerodynamic Devices

a.       Top Wing: Must be on the car at all events.

·   Wing must have the car number displayed legibly on both sideboard surfaces, and recommended on the top surface of the wing.

b.      Top Area

·   Center foil size of 25 square feet with the maximum width and length of 5 feet.  Center foil must be square or rectangle in shape with all four corners set at a 90 degree angle

·   May not extend confines of a line parallel to the outside of the rear tires

·   The top wing may be adjustable in the cockpit by the driver.  Other than the slider mechanism, moving parts will not be allowed on or in the foil structure.  Only one slider mechanism is permitted on the top wing, which allows forward and backward adjustment.  There may be NO side to side (lateral movement) from the cockpit.

·   Sideboards must be no longer than 30 inches tall and 75 inches long.  Side panels must be fabricated flat.  Turn outs on all edges of the wing must not exceed 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” and must be a 90 degree angle to flat portion of the side panel

·   Split, stepped or bi-wings are not permitted

·   Center foil must be fully sheathed in aluminum.  Vent holes, dimples, ridge and or any other fabricated modification will not be permitted anywhere on the wing.  No carbon fiber construction is allowed on center foil

·   No alterations of a standard manufactured wing, including but not limited to wedges, foils, rudders or air veins are allowed

·   Wickerbill 2 inch maximum.  Measured from the top surface of wing.

·   All wickers must be CONTINUOUS and the same size across the wings

c.       Nose Wings

·   Top Area may not be larger than 6 square feet

·   Width may be no wider than 36 inches.

·   Side boards must remain square with no added aerodynamic devices or kickouts

·   Shall not extend beyond the front bumper.  The front bumper may not extend forward more than 28 inches from the front axle

·   All four corners of center section must be 90 degrees

·   Wickerbill 1 inch maximum.  Measured from the top surface of wing

·   All wickers must be CONTINUOUS and the same size across the wings

d.      Side Shields

·   Cockpit side shields will not extend rearward beyond the rear roll cage.

·   No other devices are allowed

e.       Body panels cannot extend beyond the frame rails


7.      Shocks

a.       No shock absorbers or other ride controlling or dampening devices that can be adjusted while the race car is in motion are allowed (except for the top wing).  Only adjustable items from the cockpit are the top wing (front to back movement), brake bias adjuster and dial a jet fuel adjuster

b.      All such devices will be removed, disabled and approved by the KOTW officials.


8.      Traction Control Devices

a.       Traction control devices of any kind are not permitted, at any time, at any KOTW event

b.      Any team found with a traction control device will be automatically disqualified from that event.  The driver and the car will be suspended from ANY KOTW and/or KOTW event for one calendar year and fined $1000.00 to be paid before reinstatement


9.      Tires

a.       All four tires must be Hoosier Racing Tires

·   Left Front:       11/24 - 2010 compound

·   Right Front:    11/24 - 2030 compound

·   Left Rear:        26 or 26.5H - M30 compound

·   Right Rear:      17-28 - M450 compound

b.      Tire rule may be changed with advanced notice for the safety and financial benefit of race teams.

c.       Changing any tire at any time during a race event will result in the car restarting at the rear of the event, one lap down

d.      The right rear tire used for qualifications will also be the tire the car starts the feature on. Any tire of your choosing may be used in heat races or B-Main races

e.       Any car starting on a non-qualifying tire must be approved by the KOTW Race Director and will start last

f.        Any solvents or any chemicals applied to the tire that alter the chemical makeup of the compound or have the effect of altering tire durometer is prohibited

g.      NO tire bleeders of any kind are allowed



Section 2: Car Specifications

1.       All cars must be the open wheel, open cockpit type

a.       All cars must have tubular front bumper and nerf bars.  The front part of the body, known as the nose assembly, shall not be wider than the parallel lines of the main chassis and may not extend forward more than 28” from the front axle.  This includes the front bumper

b.      The engine, driveline and rear axle center section must be mounted on the chassis center line with a .5” variance (one inch overall) at a 90 degree angle to the chassis in a vertical position.  A maximum of one degree of variation will be allowed as measured from the crankshaft center line.  The driver may not be positions beside or in front of the engine and driveline must pass between the drivers legs.  Car utilizing a front torsion bar suspension may not have the bars mounted below the horizontal center line of the front spindles

c.       Tubular front axles must incorporate the spool wrap around design in their construction.  Independent suspension systems are not allowed

d.      The front wheel width is limited to a maximum of 12” RF and 10” LF.  The rear wheel width is limited to a maximum of 18” RR and 15” LR

e.       All cars shall be rear wheel drive only.  The rear axle offset shall be determined by measuring from the farthest portion of the wheel to the center line of the rear axle assembly.  The maximum distance allowed for 410 - CI 43.5” and for 360 CI - 44.5”. The total overall width is 78”

f.        Wheelbase must be a minimum of 84” and a maximum of 92”

g.      Nerf bars cannot extend beyond the outside width of the tires. (Right side nerf bar cannot extend beyond the outside edge of the right rear tire)

h.      Hoods cannot be constructed in such a way that they can be used as another wing or down pressure device.  Illegal hoods will be at the discretion of the KOTW director


2.      Frames

a.       No aluminum frames will be allowed.  Frame must be constructed using chrome-molly tubing. A .095 minimum thickness on main cage surrounding the driver is required

b.      The maximum width of the main tubes as measured from the bottom of the rear motor plate (bottom frame rail) 30” vertical will be no wider than 31”


3.      Body Style

a.       Sprint car type body and tail only with belly pans under the engine and driver’s area

b.      No tire enclosures of any kind allowed



Section 3: Safety and Driver Restrictions

1.      Mandatory items required include:

a.       Fuel Bladder

b.      Quick release steering wheel

c.       A dash or steering wheel mounted kill switch is mandatory

·   A throttle pedal kill switch is recommended to be installed and enabled in every car

d.      Nomex underwear must be worn when racing

e.       One piece driving suit, with a minimum of two layers

f.        Nomex gloves must be worn when racing

g.      Full faced helmet must be worn when racing.  Helmet must be 2010 Snell approved or newer

h.      Head and neck restraints must be used. Device must be approved by KOTW Officials

i.        A full containment seat with reinforcement around head and shoulder restraint sections is MANDATORY.

j.        Five-point harness seat belts must be installed in the race car.  Seat belts can be no more than three years old.  Shoulder harnesses must be mounted to the frame of the race car, at the shoulder height of the driver

k.      One way radios that enable the driver to hear the KOTW officials must be used in all race cars.  Radio frequency is 454.000, (Channel 000 on race receiver radios) unless otherwise directed by the race director

l.        Roll bar padding

m.    Side Head nets are highly recommended.



2.      Pit Road Speed Limit

a.       All competitors must reduce their speed to idle when entering pit road

·   Speeding in the pits will result in a $500 fine


3.      At no time will a driver exit his car during a yellow or red flag condition unless there is imminent danger to the driver

a.       This will result in a $500 fine and immediate suspension until fine is paid


Section 4: Program Procedures

1.      Qualifications

a.       Hot lap sessions will be determined by the KOTW Race Director

b.      Qualifying order will be drawn by number.  Groups will be divided as equal as possible.  Group qualifying orders will be followed as close as the event will allow.  If a driver misses his or her qualifying spot by 2 or more positions, the driver will only be allowed one lap

c.       In the event that time does not permit qualifications, all heat race starting positions will be based on current point standings

d.      Cars arriving after KOTW qualifying has ended will not be allowed to qualify

e.       Non-qualifiers will start at the back of all events

f.        Each competitor will receive two consecutive laps, with no spin out or wave off allowance

g.      If a competitor sets a new track record, the engine of the record setting car will be pumped for cubic inch requirement, at the end of the night before the record is official

h.      The above procedures may be altered by the KOTW Race Director

2.      Heat Races

a.       Under normal circumstances, all heat races will be aligned in an inverted order

·   Cars must start heat races and finish on the lead lap to get their time back for the A-Main

b.      Any car not finishing on the lead lap, will be lined up behind all cars that finished on the lead lap.  These cars will be lined up by their qualification time

·   Non-qualifiers will start at the discretion of the KOTW Race Director

·   Number of heat races and number of cars transferring to A-main will be dependent on the total number of cars

·   The above procedures may be altered by the KOTW Race Director

3.      B-Main

a.       Cars not qualifying for the feature through heats will run the B-Main.  No inversion

b.      DNQ’s will start last in B-Main and feature

c.       Cars advancing to the feature start at the rear of the main event in order of B main finish

4.      A- Feature

a.       . Lineup determined by finish of preliminaries and qualifying times with invert determined by the draw.  Fast time will draw the feature invert after the heat races

·   In the event there is no qualifying or that no heat races were run, the feature will be set by the current point leader, rolling the dice for the invert.  The rest of the field will be set by point’s standings.  If no qualifying is done but heat races are run, the winner of the first heat will draw.  Scratches will be filled from B-Main.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

b.      The above procedures may be altered by the KOTW Race Director

5.      Driver/Car Change

a.       Pertains to all races, except the A-Main

·   A driver can change cars and run the event for which the car is qualified (MUST start last)

·   A driver and/or car will run one heat race only

·   If a driver qualifies in more than one car, points will be awarded for only the last car qualified

·   A car can be qualified by only one driver

b.      A-Main

·   A car and driver must have earned a starting position.  It could be a different car and driver, but they both have to have earned starting positions

Section 5: Race Procedures and Rules

1.      Race Starting Procedures

a.       After two unsuccessful attempts to start a race, a single file restart will be used or the front row will go to the back of the field

b.      Competitors will start or restart their respective event, at the tail of the field if they go to the pits for any reason, or if they stop for any reason not listed below

·   For a red or yellow flag

·   Being stopped on the track by an KOTW official

·   You can stop on the track near a KOTW official if your seat belts come loose or you have any other safety concern

c.       Disqualification can occur if you work on a car on the track, or in an area that would prevent a safe restart.  Disqualification can also occur if you are not ready to restart when KOTW officials give the one to go signal

d.      Competitors will be allowed two assist starts per event in which they are in.  Getting pushed off does not constitute as an assisted start

e.       Crew members are not allowed on the track when a yellow flag is out.  Crew members cannot check a car on the track.  Inspection of any car by the crew must occur in the pits, unless they are stopped by a KOTW official

f.        . If the car and driver can be on the track and ready to race before the one lap signal is displayed, they will be allowed to start at the rear of the racing field

g.      A competitor that jumps on any start or restart will be penalized a minimum of two spots for every position gained

h.      Jumping defined: Any part of your car even with any part of the car in front of you before the lead cars have reached the designated starting spot

i.        Single file restarts, the cars must be nose to tail

·   Regaining the proper starting position before reaching the designated stating point does not erase the jump

·   Driver has two laps to fall into the proper position after being notified by radio or white board.  Drivers will be black flagged after two laps

·   Competitors should consider that jumping is a judgment call and is not reversible.  The call is made by the perspective of the KOTW officials

j.        Thirty yellow flag laps after the first green will constitute a fuel stop, unless otherwise directed by the KOTW Race Director at the drivers meeting

k.      Any car that causes a yellow flag to be flown will restart the race at the tail

·   When the field is ready for green it will go green there’re will be no wait times for crews to make repairs

l.        In the event that a red flag is displayed, no one shall enter the track without approval of the KOTW officials.  A car will be subject to disqualification if any member of their crew enters the track without approval

m.    In the event of an open red flag, crews will be allowed on the track

·   No more than one crew member per car are allowed on the track

·   No jacks, or any other type of lifting devices are allowed on the track

·   Removal or replacement of any part on the car must be done in the pit area only.  Any car that leaves the racing surface during a red flag, will restart at the tail

n.      Re-entering track

·   Prior to re-enter the track during a yellow or red flag condition competitors must present themselves to an official prior to the 1 lap to green and be given permission to re-enter the track

·   At no time will a competitor be allowed to be pushed on to the track after the 1 lap to green has been displayed

2.      Decal Requirements

a.       All participants must display required decals as described by the KOTW organization to be allowed to compete

b.      Contingency sponsors

·   To be eligible for contingency sponsorships each participant must follow the requirements for each company, i.e. decals, patches, product, etc.  These requirements will be provided by KOTW

3.      Fighting

a.       Not allowed anywhere near or in the pit area or race track

b.      If drivers or pit crew are caught fighting fines include

·   First offense: $500 fine

·   Second offense: $1000 fine and a three race suspension

c.       Any physical contact with a KOTW official or a track official will be penalized with

·   First offense: $1000 fine and a three race suspension

·   Second offense: $2000 fine and a permanent suspension from any KOTW sanctioned or co-sanctioned events

4.      Verbal Abuse

a.       Any competitor that verbally abuses a series official by using profane and/or disrespectful language is subject to the following fines

·   First offense: $1000 fine

·   Second offense: $1500 fine and a one race suspension

·   More than two offenses will be subject to a minimum one month suspension.  KOTW officials will determine the weeks of suspension

b.      The above penalties are to be considered a basic guideline.  Additional penalties can be considered depending on the severity of the infraction


5.      Conduct Detrimental to Racing

a.       Any participant who, in the judgment of the Series Owner, Race Director or Race Officials, is guilty of conduct detrimental to racing and/or to the King of the Wing Sprint Car Series, on or off the track, may be suspended and/or fined by the Series Owner or Race Director

6.      Penalized members are considered suspended until all fines are paid in full.  Suspended individuals will be suspended from all KOTW events

Section 6: Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs

1.      Use of any illegal drugs before, during or after racing on the track premises is PROHIBITED!

2.      The consumption of alcoholic beverages before the entire race program has been completed is prohibited

3.      Penalties

a.       Suspension from a minimum of five KOTW events

b.      A minimum $1000 fine, which must be paid before returning to the pits for any KOTW event

Section 7: Rookie Program

1.      To be eligible for rookie status you must

a.       Have not run more than 25% of the races with KOTW on pavement in any previous year.

2.      All rookie points will coincide with the standard KOTW point system

3.      ALL rookies will start LAST in all events the first night of racing

4.      Rookie is defined as a driver who has little or no sprint car experience

5.      The final decision will be made by the KOTW Race Director

Section 8: Miscellaneous

1.      Practice

a.       Any team found practicing at a race track within fourteen days before a scheduled KOTW event at that specific race track will be fined $2000.00 and will start last in all events if it was not an open practice to all teams

2.      All-Terrain Vehicles (Push Vehicles)

a.       Any vehicle used for pushing sprint cars must have the car/team number displayed on the side of the vehicle.  Vehicle can only be used for the purpose of pushing sprint cars

b.      Unsafe operation of push vehicles will not be tolerated.  No ATV or other push vehicle will be allowed on the race track without prior approval of KOTW officials

c.       Only1 person allowed on any moving ATV

3.      Age Requirements

a.       Drivers must be at least 16 years of age.  Any underage driver must have written authorization from the track you are competing at and from the driver’s parent or guardian.  This must be provided it to the KOTW Race Director before driver will be allowed on the track

4.      Membership

a.       Any owner and/or Driver competing in the King of the Wing National Series, Western Sprint Car Series or Southern Sprint Car Series must obtain a KOTW Membership

b.      2016 Membership fees

·   3 or more events

·         Owner/Driver - $225.00

·         Owner - $175.00

·         Driver - $175.00

·   Single event

·         Owner/Driver - $100.00

·         Owner - $75.00

·         Driver - $75.00

Section 9: Points Standings

1.      Points are accumulated for car owners and drivers

2.      Car owners and drivers must both be registered members with KOTW to earn points

3.      No points will be accumulated until the KOTW membership has been paid in full.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

4.      If a driver/car change occurs after the first event, owner points will only be awarded to the original owner.  First event is the hot lap session

5.      25 “Show Up” Points

a.       Will be awarded to any car attempting to compete

b.      In the event of a rain out, show up points will only be awarded if the car is signed into the pits and ready to race

6.      If a car comes to an event and is unable to take the green flag to start the feature, no feature points will be awarded.  Points accumulated up to that point will be given, (show up, qualifying and heat points). Last place money will be paid if the field is not full

7.      Heat race, B-Main, A-Main: (B-Main points are awarded to the first car not transferring to A-Main)

8.      Purse will only be paid to those competitors who start a main event


9.      Points will be awarded to competitors using the table below
































































































































********** DISCLAIMER **********

The King of the Wing Sprint Car Series Directors reserve the right to change and alter these rules at any time during the season.






copyright KOTW 2018